Korean Session I

Date September 10 (Sun), 2017 (AM 09:00-12:00)
Place COEX Convention Center, Seoul
Vanue Grand ballroom 104
Session Title Pharmacy in the Republic of Korea
Organizer Sang Kook Lee, PhD / Seoul National Univ.
Joon Seok Bang, PharmD, PhD / Sookmyung Women’s Univ


Chair 1 Sun Choi, PhD
Ewha Woman’s Univ.
1 09:00-09:10
(10 min)
A hundred-year preparation of Korean pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences for the improvement of global human welfare Chang-Koo Shim, PhD
Seoul National Univ.
2 09:10-09:35
(25 min)
Past, present, and future of pharmaceutical education in the Republic of Korea Jung-Mi Oh, PharmD
Seoul National Univ.
3 09:35-10:00
(25 min)
Drug utilization review program in South Korea Dong-Sook Kim, PhD
Senior Researcher, HIRA
(10 min)
Chair 2 Kevin Choe, PharmD
Hanyang Univ.
4 10:10-10:35
(25 min)
Shaping community pharmacy excellence Minku Kang, PharmD, MBA
Woosuk Univ.
5 10:35-11:00
(25 min)
Hospital pharmacy: issues and challenges in South Korea Heeje Sung, MPH
Asan Medical Center
Chair 3 Chul-Soon Yong, PhD
Yeongnam Univ.
6 11:00-11:25
(25 min)
Regulatory status and efforts for harmonization of pharmaceuticals in Korea Youngju Choi, PhD
Director, NIFDS
7 11:25-11:50
(25 min)
Korean pharmaceutical Industry
Current & Future
Yun-Taek Jung, PhD
President, PSI
(10 min)
Closing Remark Aree Moon, PhD
President, PSK

HIRA (Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service; NIFDS (National Institute of Food and Drug Safety); PSI (Pharmaceutical Strategy Institute); PSK (The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea)

Korean Session II

Generic Substitution and International Non-proprietary Prescription (INN)

September 11, 09:00 am-12:00 a.m.


In 1997, FIP adopted announced FIP Statement of Policy: Pharmacist’s Authority in Product Selection, Therapeutic Interchange and Generic Substitution. FIP, OECD and WHO also encouraged implementing this policy. However, there are still many barriers in the regulations and therefore, this policy is not fully implemented in many countries.

The aging population is being increased and the total health expenditures are rising more rapidly in the most countries. Across high- and middle-income OECD countries, health spending per capita has surpassed economic growth since 2000. The opportunity from safe, low-cost generics may be underexploited depending on price and volume differences between off-patent and never protected medicines. The mix of these medicines can be adjusted to reduce health system costs, provided health outcomes are not undermined.

FIP surveyed the regulation and the current situation on generic substitution and INN prescription among the FIP member countries. Korea Session II invited the speakers from FIP, WHO, France, US and Japan. We, therefore, can understand their current situations and also learn their experiences. During this session, we can discuss how to improve the generic substitution and establish a guideline on INN prescription through the panel discussion.

Date September 11 (Monday), 2017 (AM 09:00-12:00)
Place COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea
Vanue GrandBallroom 104
Session Title Generic Substitution and International Non-proprietary Prescription


Moderator: Mr. Seok-goo chang

Chair 1
1 09:00-09:10
(10 min)
Welcome and Presidential Address Mr. Chan-Hwi Cho,
President of Korean Pharmaceutical Association
2 09:10-09:30
(20 min)
Generic Substitution and INN Prescription: WHO’s Policy Ms. Raffalella Balocco,
PhD. Secretary
WHO INN Expert Group
3 09:30-09:50
(20 min)
Generic Substitution and INN Prescription: Trends among FIP Member Countries Mr. Gonçalo Sousa Pintoç
President FIP
4 09:50-10:10
(20 min)
Generic Substitution: The Current Situation in the US James Wilson, PharmD,
Ph.D.Professor, College of Pharmacy
University of Texas at Austin, USA
(20 min)
Coffee Break
5 10:30-10:50
(20 min)
Generic Substitution and INN Prescription: The Current Situation in France Dr. Stéphane Pichon
Community Pharmacist
6 10:50-11:10
(20 min)
Generic Substitution: The Current Situation in Japan Shigeo Yamamura, Ph.D.
Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
International University, Japan
7 11:10-11:50
(40 min)
Panel Discussion Moderator:
Dong-Churl Suh, PhD
Professor & Director
Chung-Ang University, S. Korea
Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare (Division of Pharmaceutical Policy or
Division of Health Insurance Policy
Jin-Ok Byeon, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher
National Health Insurance Service
Sang-Aeh Park, PhD
Bioequivalence Evaluation Division
Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Young-Seok Shin
Vice President
Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
(10 min)
Q&A and Closing Remark